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Be always close to your children

How growappy helps families


Videos and Photos

We guarantee that the photos of your child are sent only to you. In group photos, you can choose to have your children appear blurred to other families.

School Posts

Stay up to date with school news, activities, documents, menus, etc.

Children's Diary

Receive reports about meals, health, hygiene, humor, naps and learning in real time.


Stay in touch with management or your child's educator and leave important messages.

Notifications that matter

We make sure that all notifications and information you receive are related to your child.

Digital agenda

Keep track of your child's activities at school, their learning experiences, and all important events.

Attendance Log

Record easily your child's school check-ins and check-outs using QRCode.

Online Payments

Receive school invoices and view payment history, current or debt amount.

Privacy taken to the extreme

Privacy and information security is a topic we take very seriously. We ensure that only authorized school staff, parents, and associated family members have access to your children's information. We do not use or share information with other entities for marketing, advertising or other purposes.

Success stories of schools using Growappy.

Joana Sombreireiro

This app is extremely useful, practical and super intuitive to use. An indispensable tool in a school and competent for its purpose. As an educator, I'm a huge fan and parents have given great feedback. The technical support from the founding team is outstanding Thank you for your work! Joana Sombreireiro, Educadora de Infância do Colégio Art&Manha

Evelin Menezes

Imagine having, in the palm of your hand, control of your school. You can see which students are present, follow their daily routines, check billing, upcoming birthdays, post photos/messages to individual rooms or the whole school at once, and still have chat with parents, staff and rooms by group. Educators are still able to do evaluations, follow individual development, have access to parent contacts and key data about the child. As a parent, I receive app notifications on photos where my child is identified as well his key milestones (meals: when and what he/she ate, hygiene, mood, and any incident). We are very happy with Growappy, but more than that, very proud to have the full support of the Growappy team. Evelin Menezes, Mother, Founder of Cantinho das Fadas and Princial at Escolinha da Kika.

Vera Luís

Trust and personalization to the needs and interests of those who use it. The service and mediation between school-family is very efficient. As an educator, I highlight the automatic face protection in the photos and the interaction with parents in the various areas of the application. As a mother, I highlight the organization of the photos and messages I receive weekly from my son. Of course the educator's dedication is fundamental, but this application is ready to organize and facilitate the child's school life. Vera Luís, Pedagogical Coordinator at CSPIN - Centro Social e Paroquial de Igreja Nova

Isabel Reis

Growappy digital platform was a great achievement for our daycare center because, besides enabling the dematerialization of information, it brought us closer to families because now they receive information about their children in real time. It also makes our work and time more profitable because it replaces several digital platforms that we used to use. In addition, the follow-up provided by the Growappy team is fantastic and extremely friendly and even sensitive. Isabel Reis, Coordinator at Creche Centro Social do Olival

Vanessa Fernandes

We started with Growappy when it was in early stage. Right from the start we found it super practical and great for simplifying the team daily life. From then until now, Growappy has evolved a lot, always trying to meet the needs of the schools it works with. From planning, to daily routines and activities records, to invoicing. Everything in a simple and accessible way also for the families! Thank you Growappy! Keep evolving and let's all be one big family. Vanessa Fernandes, Pedagogical Coordinator at Escolinha da Kika

Joana Lopes

Growappy guarantees us facilitated means to approach and communicate with families where transparency is the watchword. From the most important routines, to the acquisition of pedagogical skills and invoicing, Growappy is there. An App that is easy to use, super clean design, safe and with a service to schools and to our needs beyond what we expect. Joana Lopes, Principal at Woodland Kids

Vanda Vasques

Growappy was indeed an added value to our school community! It allows educators to register/share detailed information quickly throughout the day. Parents can access during the day the most relevant information on the well-being of their children at daycare. In this pandemic context and consequent greater distance, Growappy proved to be an important communication tool allowing the proximity of educators and parents. Vanda Vasques, Principal at Colégio O Gato Amarelo

Inês Cancela

Growappy came at a time when I was looking for a business partner that would listen to me, help me and promote communication and information flow in a more assertive and professional way. We were still using a closed facebook group and messenger... Growappy came to be the solution, for communication and invoicing. It came to speed up my work but at the beginning it was a challenge for the team and for some parents. What I can highlight from this 6 month relationship is the active listening, optimization/improvement on some points and news on a regular basis. I am very satisfied with this relationship that leaves me safe, confident and at relieved. Thank you Growappy for everything! Inês Cancela, Principal at Colégio Paço de São Francisco

Lúcia Silva

Growappy was an asset to the entire educational community. It facilitates all the registration work regarding the routine and evaluation of children's skills. Facilitates and enhances all communication with families through various options. Allow management of different billing plans. Growappy follow-up to schools is the best. Lúcia Silva, Principal at Colégio Mundo da Criança.

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