Digital Platform for Early Education: Growappy

Our mission and vision


To improve education around the world and bring schools and families closer together.


Revolutionize the communication experience between schools and families, strengthening their sense of community, so that together they create a future where all children can grow up happy.

Our Values


We want all members of the community to live and feel our mission and to always be open to participate in it, because the impact is always greater when we collaborate together.


We are entrepreneurs, and we take risks, push boundaries, and experiment innovative approaches. We overcome fear to do something meaningful and different.


We want to achieve excellence in everything we do in order to exceed expectations. We challenge the status quo and seek new opportunities to learn and grow.


We have fun creating solutions that impact people's lives. We want to change the paradigm of education, and we are happy and having fun working on it.


Life is too short to settle for the ordinary. We think outside the box to do something unique, disruptive, and innovative that no one else has done or dared to do.


We want to make a difference every day. Passion is at the heart of our team and we use it to energize, engage, impact and inspire others.


We value the act of giving. We always seek a sharing mentality and encourage the entire community to participate in actions that can help children grow up happy.


Privacy is a fundamental human right, so it is a priority for us. We invest in security standards, policies and infrastructure to create a safe environment.


We want to leave the world a better place. We help reduce our carbon footprint by creating sustainable solutions and promoting actions that reduce the use of our planet's resources.


We value transparent and honest relationships. We share our victories and defeats, because we all learn from them. We do not use tricks and make information accessible to all.

Meet our team

Nuno GomesNuno Gomes

CEO & Co-Founder

Tiago VidigalTiago Vidigal

CTO & Co-Founder

Helder MarquesHelder Marques

CIO & Co-Founder

Ana MendesAna Mendes

Sales Manager

Suéli BentoSuéli Bento


Cristiana CarvalhoCristiana Carvalho

Sales Manager


What inspires us

Growappy was developed after a long period of investigation that involved research, interviews with kindergarten teachers, directors and families, and visits to several schools, from whom we learned a lot and continue to learn about Early Childhood Education and the real needs of the community. Within all the learnings, we highlight the following:

  • In childhood, especially in the period from 0 to 5 years, the development of a child in affective, social and physical terms has a direct impact for the rest of his life and most people are not aware of this;
  • The resources invested in early childhood education are not aligned with the importance of children's development;
  • The role of day care centers and kindergartens, and in particular the educator is underestimated and extremely challenging;
  • The close coordination between school and families is crucial to the child's developmental process.

Thus, one of our goals is to transform early childhood education by empowering directors and educators with tools to save time, improve learning outcomes and child development, while educating families about the importance of their work and involvement in their children's growth.

Our victories

Growappy through time

01/2019Growappy's foundation

Growappy was born with a promise to revolutionize school's communication with families.

03/2020Mobile Applications launch

Android and iPhone applications launchs which are today the top rated apps for education in Portugal.

08/2020Growappy in the Media

Several media released news that highlighted the most innovative aspects of Growappy. We were also considered the Startup of the Month by Link to Leaders.

11/2020Acredita Portugal Winners

Growappy won the largest entrepreneurship contest in the country with the best solution in the education area. This contest had initially more than 10600 projects.

12/2020Hora do Recreio

A weekly live program on Growappy's social networks that approaches several education related topics. The episodes have already surpassed 150 thousand views.

07/2021Winners of Ideias e Negócio

Growappy won the Ideias e Negócio contest, an entrepreneurship contest promoted by DNA Cascais.

Everybody loves Growappy

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Start-up of the month: Growappy wants to bring schools and families closer together Growappy makes the daily routine of directors, teachers and educators easier, from children daily records, pedagogical documentation, communication with families, planning to invoicing. Schools can subscribe the service, make the necessary configurations and use the solution in less than an hour. Link to Leaders, February 26, 2021

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Growappy helps parents find the ideal school for their children Nuno Gomes, Tiago Vidigal and Hélder Marques are three long-time friends who wanted to create a project with society impact. The idea of developing a solution linked to the area of education came up when they were parents and wanted to find the ideal school for their children. PCGuia, January 3, 2021

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Growappy is the winner of the 15th edition of CINC What if you could keep track of your children's daily lives through an app? A platform that provides a digital diary where you can receive reports on your children's eating, health, hygiene, mood, naps and learning in real time, would you find it interesting? Notícia Cascais, July 24, 2021

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Nuno Gomes Growappy - Co-founder talks about this application that connects schools and families Three young entrepreneurs, when faced with the concrete need to communicate effectively and safely with their children's schools, created an innovative digital platform that allows them to bring schools and families closer together. RTP, April 5, 2021

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Growappy: the national app they call 'Zomato for schools' Friends from their college days at Instituto Superior Técnico, they have kept in touch until now. Computer scientists Nuno Gomes, Helder Marques, and Tiago Vidigal got together to create what they call "a kind of zomato for schools". Record, August 16, 2020

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