Digital Platform for Early Education: Growappy

We have reinvented communication with families to be simpler, safer and more personalized.

A leap in innovation


Photo Sharing

Children are automatically identified in photos and these are sent to the associated family members. Ensure children's privacy and GDPR compliance.

Maximum privacy

In group photos parents can choose to have their children appear blurred to other families. The school has nothing to worry about. Save hours of work in sorting and sharing photos.


In a simple way share with families the special moments lived at your school.

Simplicity in recording and sharing information with families.

Information that matters

Partilha de Informação

Child's Digital Diary

Record and share children's daily routines with families easily and in real time, eliminating the need for manual records and endless amounts of paper.

Attendance Tracking

Automate and make the registration of check-ins and check-outs without the need for paper or pen, using QRCode.


With a few clicks, produce daily routine and attendance reports with accurate and detailed information.

Create a true community around your children.

Engage Families


Daily stories and announcements

Share with families the unique experiences at your school that impact children's lives. Send announcements, share menus, documents, and more...


Communicate with families or your staff instantly and build deeper relationships with the entire school community.

Notifications that matter

Imagine how happy families will be when they receive notifications with photo of their child.

Activity and Event Management

A powerful and simple to use community calendar with all the information about events and activities

Gestão de Atividades e Eventos

Activity Schedules

Create schedules with recurring activities for groups or individualized and also relate those activities to your pedagogical reference (OCEPE, Social Security or a curriculum adjusted to your school)

Study Tours, Events and Online Sessions

Manage events and study visits. You can also create video calls with families or with your team, with no time limit, from any device.

Digital Agenda

We have designed a digital agenda to keep your staff and families informed of events and activities that concern them.

Pedagogical Documentation

The power of flexibility that helps educators maintain their focus on children and compliance with authorities.

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How many children attend your school?

How many education professionals work in your school?

How many minutes PER DAY does an education professional spend tracking daily routines?

How many hours PER WEEK does an education professional spend communicating with families (e-mail, social networks or others)?

How many hours PER MONTH does an education professional spend planning activities and conducting pedagogical reporting?

What is the average amount (€) that you school spends PER MONTH in printing (paper and ink)?

How many hours PER MONTH does an administrative staff member spend on billing, sending invoices and controlling payments?

Activity Planning

Simplify activity planning, maximize your time, and create plans and experiences that meet children's interests.

Curriculum Guidelines

Benefit from prepared curricular guidance models (Social Security and OCEPE) or customize your own achievement and curricular models.

Observation logs

Record and document learning with photos, videos, and notes according to your curriculum guidelines.

Evaluations and Individual Plans

Reflect on children's progress and develop assessments or development plans based on observation logs.


Create portfolios that highlight children's experiences, unique achievements, and progress in different areas of development and learning over time.

Document Sharing

Do you have lots of documents to share? We have unlimited space for you. Share educational documentation or other school documents.

Software de Faturação CertificadoSoftware de Faturação Certificado

Certified Billing Software

The simplest way to manage your school

We offer a seamless billing experience for your school. Automate the billing process for families and get a deeper insight into your business.

Invoice automation

Discover the simple side of invoicing. Customize invoicing plans for families and set up automatic invoicing regularly according to your needs.

Payment options and history

Offer families multiple payment options and the ability to view their invoice history, receipts, debt amounts, and current account balances in one place in a secure and organized manner.

Reports and Dashboards

Making good and informed decisions implies having a global vision of your business. Follow the monthly evolution of invoicing and check on any device the invoice status in real time.

Success stories of schools that use Growappy.

Mariana Dias

When we hear the word "Growappy" it's impossible not to stay "happy" and with a smile on our face. Not only did we witness a "grow" in our children but, above all, a growth in the relationship and communication between the school and the families. Growappy is a synonym for reciprocity, for sharing, for transparency, for time gained, for comfort and for trust. We couldn't be happier! Thank you, Growappy team! Mariana Dias, Pedagogical Coordinator at Creche Centro Infantil de Santa Maria de Leuca

Mafalda Pereira

Growappy brought to the Bué Bebé school proximity to families in a timing where relationships where heavily affected by the pandemic. We closed the classrooms and their walls stopped chatting with the families, so the application returned our practices to the educational community, with all the tools the application offers. The photo uploading features are, without a doubt, of high value, allowing us to stand out the individuality of each child as well as safely sharing daily experiences as a group. In these timings of adapting, Growappy allowed families to be present and stay confident. We also highlight the availability and support of the Growappy team. Mafalda Pereira, Pedagogical Coordinator at Creche Bué Bebé

Marta Pereira

Growappy arrived as a major help in my daily work, it's practical, simple to use and helps me gather all the key information from the children's daily life in school. As a mother it definetly added huge value, with all the details I get about my son each day. No doubt I could no longer work without such a complete tool! Marta Pereira, Early Education Teacher at Golfinho Saltitão

Elsa Alves

I rate Growappy as a practical and accessible app that finally allows real-time interaction between the school and the families. There's sharing of photos, activities, child diary records, allowing us to narrow the distance and strengthen the bond with families in a consistent manner. Beyond that, I congratulate the fast, efficient and conscious support of the Growappy team. Elsa Alves, Pedagogical Coordinator at Comossela

Inês Cancela

Growappy came at a time when I was looking for a business partner that would listen to me, help me and promote communication and information flow in a more assertive and professional way. We were still using a closed facebook group and messenger... Growappy came to be the solution, for communication and invoicing. It came to speed up my work but at the beginning it was a challenge for the team and for some parents. What I can highlight from this 6 month relationship is the active listening, optimization/improvement on some points and news on a regular basis. I am very satisfied with this relationship that leaves me safe, confident and at relieved. Thank you Growappy for everything! Inês Cancela, Principal at Colégio Paço de São Francisco

Isabel Reis

Growappy digital platform was a great achievement for our daycare center because, besides enabling the dematerialization of information, it brought us closer to families because now they receive information about their children in real time. It also makes our work and time more profitable because it replaces several digital platforms that we used to use. In addition, the follow-up provided by the Growappy team is fantastic and extremely friendly and even sensitive. Isabel Reis, Coordinator at Creche Centro Social do Olival

Vanessa Fernandes

We started with Growappy when it was in early stage. Right from the start we found it super practical and great for simplifying the team daily life. From then until now, Growappy has evolved a lot, always trying to meet the needs of the schools it works with. From planning, to daily routines and activities records, to invoicing. Everything in a simple and accessible way also for the families! Thank you Growappy! Keep evolving and let's all be one big family. Vanessa Fernandes, Pedagogical Coordinator at Escolinha da Kika

Joana Sombreireiro

This app is extremely useful, practical and super intuitive to use. An indispensable tool in a school and competent for its purpose. As an educator, I'm a huge fan and parents have given great feedback. The technical support from the founding team is outstanding Thank you for your work! Joana Sombreireiro, Early Education Teacher at Colégio Art&Manha

Vera Luís

Trust and personalization to the needs and interests of those who use it. The service and mediation between school-family is very efficient. As an educator, I highlight the automatic face protection in the photos and the interaction with parents in the various areas of the application. As a mother, I highlight the organization of the photos and messages I receive weekly from my son. Of course the educator's dedication is fundamental, but this application is ready to organize and facilitate the child's school life. Vera Luís, Pedagogical Coordinator at CSPIN - Centro Social e Paroquial de Igreja Nova

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Schools that trust Growappy


A world of features to make your day easier

Children's daily records

Digital Child Diary

Record naps, meals, health care, hygiene, etc.

Attendance Log

Automatic attendance registration by QRCode.

Absence Register

Scheduling absences with justification.

Daily Routines Report

Reports with all daily records per child.

Attendance Report

Individual or classroom detailed reports.

Engage families

Photos and Videos

Videos and photo sharing according to privacy settings.


Sharing daily stories or important announcements.


Sending instant messages to families or staff.

Classroom Groups

Create a real community with families (optional).


Send notifications to families

Posts logs

Know who has seen the posts you have made

Pedagogical documentation

Activity Planning

Individual or class activity planning.

Observation Logs

Document learning with photos, videos and notes.


Make evaluations based on the observation logs.

Individual Plans

Automate the making of IP's with Growappy's intelligent system.

OCEPE and Social Security

Benefit from pre-loaded curriculum guidelines.

Curriculum Guidelines

Manage curriculum settings adjusted to your school.

Events and Activities

Digital Agenda

View all important events and activities.

Events and Activities

Manage school events and activities.


Relate activities to your learning grid.

Video Calling

Distance learning and unlimited video calls.


Attach documents related to the activities.

Activity Feedback

After the planned activities families/staff can give their feedback.

Recurring Activities

Possibility to schedule recurring activities

Collecting Authorizations

Management of authorization collection for activities.


Invoices and Receipts

Automates the issuing of invoices and receipts via app and email.

Plan Configuration

Billing plan configured and adjusted to families.

Payment Options

Several payment options including entity/reference.

Invoice Reports

View issued, in debt, paid, and cancelled invoices.

Reports and Dashboards

Important business indicators analysis.

Tax Authority

Direct communication with the tax authority.

Current Account

Management of each child's current account balance.

External Entities

Issue invoices to external entities.

Payment Reminder

Automatic notification for payment reminder.

Child Information Management

Child's detailed information

Child Information Management

Emergency Contacts

Configuration of emergency contacts.

School pick up authorization

List of authorized people that can pick up the child from school.

Billing Contacts

Configuration of who can access the child's billing information.

Additional Information

Information such as allergies, siblings at school, birthdays, etc.

Privacy Setting

Individual parents privacy settings.

Other Management Tools

Document Management

Share documents according to privacy settings.

Menu Management

Set up and share menus with families.

Employee Attendance

Extraction of reports with employee attendance.

Access Definition

Configure privileges within the application.

Post Management

Control all the posts made in your school.

Years, Classes and Students

Manage the school's years, classes and students.


Children's upcoming birthdays list.

School Indicators

Find out the school's allocation % per year and per class.

Children in Real Time

Know how many children are in school at any given time.

Promote your School

Promote your School

Make your school known to thousands of families.

Family Feedback

Access to families feedback.

School Information

Promote school's features, services, activities, pedagogies, etc.

Visit Management

Share the availability of your schedule to receive families.

Highlight Your School

Highlight your school and attract more families.

Campaign Management

Promote campaigns and special offers on your pricing catalog.

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