Digital Platform for Early Education: Growappy

Artificial Intelligence

Simplifying and Personalizing Education

Through our Artificial Intelligence, we personalize the educational journey for children while elevating the creativity and productivity of educators to new heights.

Pedagogical Reporting Automation

Simplify the creation of pedagogical reports and generate individual plans in seconds. Growappy's AI automates this task, saving up to 95% of your time.

Activities and Emotional Development

Receive activity suggestions to promote children's development and learning, along with guidance on nurturing their emotional growth.

Automated Communications

Keep families informed about school events and themed dates. Growappy's AI unlocks your creativity to create memorable posts.

Exceed families expectations.

Provide families with a unique experience in tracking progress of their children, engaing them in the school daily activities, building a deep and trusting relationship.

Digital child diary

Automate and digitize child care daily reports, such as health care, hygiene, naps, meals, etc.

Privacy like never before

Growappy offers advanced security mechanisms that protects its information and the privacy of children.

Direct communication

Share special moments through photos and videos compliant with GDPR

AvatarNancy Martins, Principal at Mãe Celeste

At our school both the teachers and parents love it! We save time that we now use to be closer to children and their families.

AvatarIsabel Reis, Coordinator at CASO

The parents love it for the real-time experience of following the daily life of their children while at school. Great platform!

AvatarCelmira Macedo, Founder at EKUI

Growappy is changing the paradigm of communication at nurseries and kindergartens. Thank you and congratulations!

AvatarDina Lopes, Teacher at Art&Manha

The teachers in Art&Manha School love working with Growappy, it's really intuitive!

AvatarNuno Xavier, Father of 2 boys

Growappy has made it possible for me to track the progress of my children in a truly simple way, making the whole communication process with the school much smoother.

Turn documentation into the easiest part of your day

Meet the compliance requirements of national authorities while leveraging simple and smart reporting.

Activity planning

Plan activities for groups or individualized support, facilitating learning experiences that meet children's needs and interests.

Observation Logs

Observation of exploratory activity is an key factor to learn about children's interests and support their development. Keep observation records in an organized manner and in a single place.

Evaluations and Individual Plans

Conduct progress assessments and create individual development plans, structured with the Social Security, OCEPE or school-adapted learning grids.

The simplest way to manage your school

We are committed on providing the right resources for managing your school, to simplify your daily operations and optimize every minute of your day.

Certified Billing

Create billing plans tailored to families, automate issuing, sending invoices and tracking payments

Digitize attendance

Replace paper attendance records with digital automated QRCode-based.

Reports made easy

Get reports on attendance, daily routines, invoicing and business analysis.

Growappy helps your school

Using Growappy is like having an extra element in your team that understands your challenges, that is efficient, fast and reliable.

Save time

On communicating with families, invoicing, daily routines and documentation.

Save money

No need to buy reams of paper and huge amounts of ink cartridges, file cabinets, etc.

Increased reputation

Differentiate your school from the competition. Increase enrollments and turn families into partners and promoters.

Engage families

Create a deeper and more transparent relationship with families. Foster a true spirit of sharing and community.

Do you want to know how much you can save with Growappy?

Tell us the size of your school and find out how much you can save with Growappy.

Success stories from Growappy schools.

Evelin Menezes

Imagine having control of your school in the palm of your hand. You can see the students who are present, follow their daily activities, check billing, check upcoming birthdays, publish individual photos/messages, for classrooms or for the whole school at once. Educators are still able to do assessments, follow individual development, have access to family contacts and key child data. As a parent, I receive app notifications for photos where my child is identified and also the most important achievements. We are very satisfied with Growappy, and more than that, very proud of the full support of the Growappy team. Evelin Menezes, Mother, Founder of Cantinho das Fadas and Principal of Escolinha da Kika.

Isabel Reis

Growappy digital platform was a great achievement for our daycare center because, besides enabling the dematerialization of information, it brought us closer to families since now they receive information about their children in real-time. It also makes our work and time more profitable as it replaces several digital platforms that we used to have before. In addition, the follow-up provided by the Growappy team is fantastic and extremely friendly and even sensitive. Isabel Reis, Coordinator at Creche Centro Social do Olival

Vera Luís

Trust and personalization to the needs and interests of those who use it. The service and mediation between school-family is very efficient. As an educator, I highlight the automated face blurring in the photos and the interaction with parents in the various areas of the application. As a mother, I highlight the organization of the photos and messages I receive weekly from my son. Of course the educator's dedication is fundamental, but this application is ready to organize and facilitate the child's school life. Vera Luís, Pedagogical Coordinator at CSPIN - Centro Social e Paroquial de Igreja Nova

Joana Lopes

Growappy guarantees us facilitated means to approach and communicate with families where transparency is the watchword. From the most important routines, to the acquisition of pedagogical skills and invoicing, Growappy is there. An App that is easy to use, super clean design, safe and with a service to schools and to our needs beyond what we expect. Joana Lopes, Principal at Woodland Kids

Joana Sombreireiro

This app is extremely useful, practical and super intuitive to use. An indispensable tool in a school and competent for its purpose. As an educator, I'm a huge fan and parents have given great feedback. The technical support from the founding team is outstanding Thank you for your work! Joana Sombreireiro, Early Education Teacher at Art&Manha School

Vanda Vasques

Growappy was indeed an added value to our school community! It allows educators to register/share detailed information quickly throughout the day. Parents can access during the day the most relevant information on the well-being of their children at daycare. In this pandemic context and consequent greater distance, Growappy proved to be an important communication tool allowing the proximity of educators and parents. Vanda Vasques, Principal at Colégio O Gato Amarelo

Lúcia Silva

Growappy was an asset to the entire educational community. It facilitates all the registration work regarding the routine and evaluation of children's skills. Facilitates and enhances all communication with families through various options. Allow management of different billing plans. Growappy follow-up to schools is the best. Lúcia Silva, Principal at Colégio Mundo da Criança.

Vanessa Fernandes

We started with Growappy when it was in early stage. Right from the start we found it super practical and great for simplifying the team daily life. From then until now, Growappy has evolved a lot, always trying to meet the needs of the schools it works with. From planning, to daily routines and activities records, to invoicing. Everything in a simple and accessible way also for the families! Thank you Growappy! Keep evolving and let's all be one big family. Vanessa Fernandes, Pedagogical Coordinator at Escolinha da Kika

Inês Cancela

Growappy came at a time when I was looking for a business partner that would listen to me, help me and promote communication and information flow in a more assertive and professional way. We were still using a closed facebook group and messenger... Growappy came to be the solution, for communication and invoicing. It came to speed up my work but at the beginning it was a challenge for the team and for some parents. What I can highlight from this 6 month relationship is the active listening, optimization/improvement on some points and news on a regular basis. I am very satisfied with this relationship that leaves me safe, confident and at relieved. Thank you Growappy for everything! Inês Cancela, Principal at Colégio Paço de São Francisco

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The world is constantly changing and so are the needs of the families. We are aware of your school's challenges, so we help prepare it for the future by providing the best resources, economically accessible, so that the school can continue to offer a service of excellence.

A commitment to schools, families, and the planet.

We revolutionize the communication experience between schools and families, strengthening their sense of community, so that together they create a future where all children can grow up happy.

Unsurpassed Privacy

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, so for us it is an absolute priority. Growappy offers advanced mechanisms that protect the privacy of children, our users and the security of all information on the platform.


We want to leave the world a better place than we found it, so we help reduce the environmental impact of your school by digitizing daily records, reports and invoices, contributing to the reduction of paper waste and ink cartridges. We also take action on the energy control of our servers.


Despite its usage simplicity, we offer follow-up, continuous training free of charge to the entire school community. We guarantee support in real time by phone, e-mail, live chat, video calls every day of the week. There is no other follow-up like this!

Growappy's impact is measurable


Directors and Educators

Are satisfied with Growappy and recommend it to other schools



Consider Growappy fast, innovative and simple to use


Per day

That's how much time Directors and Educators save with Growappy


Family satisfaction

Improved communication with the school

Everyone loves Growappy

Growappy won the largest entrepreneurship contest in the country - Acredita Portugal, with the best solution in the education area and also the Ideas and Businesses contest promoted by DNA Cascais. In the press, several news articles highlight the innovative aspects of the platform.

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Growappy: online platform helps find the ideal school Created by Nuno Gomes, Hélder Marques, and Tiago Vidigal, friends since college at the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Growappy's mission is to improve education around the world and bring schools and families closer together. Público, August 21, 2020

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Growappy: the platform that helps improve communication between school and families Growappy brings a new way for daycare centers and kindergartens to communicate with families by centralizing all communications, as well as the child's entire school process, on a single platform. The platform offers schools a complete solution that facilitates... IST, March 1, 2021

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It's a kind of "school zomato," say parents of this app Parents using the app always have the control on their children photo sharing. In February 2020, Growappy launched the blur feature. Hélder Pina explains to SÁBADO how it works: "The children are identified in the school photos, ... Sábado, August 14, 2020

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A platform for parents and schools, as they can report in real time on the children daily routines and learning. In addition to helping research and choose the ideal school for their children, it allows parents to track their children progress in real time, as schools can also use the platform to record and share children daily routines and learning with families. MAGG, August 18, 2020

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Which school is best for your child? There is a platform that helps you answer the question. Finding the ideal school for your children can be a difficult task, and in a pandemic context, it is likely to become something more complex. With this challenge in mind, the Growappy platform gathers information from more than 10,000 schools in the country from nursery to high school and parents' opinions about their services. Tek Sapo, August 22, 2020

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