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Colégio Mais Mimo

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  • Private School
  • Genders: Mixed
  • International School
  • We open at 07:00We close at 19:30

Our educational stages:

  • Nursery
  • Preschool


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Teaching methods applied in this school

Traditional Pedagogy

The traditional pedagogy can be defined as a pre-technology education context in which the teacher is the sender, the educational material is the message, and the student is the receiver of the information. Typically it is based on pre-packaged learning materials, fixed deadlines, assessment tasks and criteria determined by teachers.

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Services and Activities

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  • Facilitiesstar image
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  • Foodstar image
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2021-09-01 01:18

Segundo o educador e escritor Rubem Alves, "Há escolas que são gaiolas, e há escolas que são asas." O Colégio Mais Mimo é uma Escola que encoraja os mais pequenos "a voar", prom...

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